Elissa "Yuriastellise" Woo

Elissa "Yuriastellise" Woo is a voice over artist, cosplayer, and gamer. Starting out in mini-theatre productions in high school drama class, as well as small radio works, she made the leap to voice over in early 2012. While she is known mainly under the pseudonym Yuriastellise, she has since formally incorporated this name into her identity as of 2015.

Elissa is best known for her voice work as Erica in the radioplay Character Development, as Alana in The Merman, and as narrator in Celestial Faith ~Elythia's Curse~.

"My love of the arts began when I was a wee kid. I used to mimic anything and everything I heard and saw on TV: from the childish voices in cartoons, to the suave characters and creations from Japanese anime, and even the newscasters on the 5 o'clock news! When I landed a role in a hilarious class play for my entire high school to watch, I knew this was it.

Cosplay has also been an amazing supplement to the acting and learning process. When a chance arises, a personal favourite thing for me to do is to act in character while I cosplay. It's one of the coolest experiences ever. I've never looked back since!"

Elissa has also placed first in an Anime Revolution Voice Actor Idol contest, second in an On the Mic voice-over competition, and, in 2016, was given an exclusive chance to mock-voice over and receive incredible feedback from the Japanese sound director, Takeshi Takadera.


Education / Training

Voice Over TrainingOn the Mic Commercial and Animation Workshop (Noel Johansen and Lee Tockar)


Character Development EricaCiTR 101.9FM radio play by Erin Schneider, with CRWR217 (UBC)
Herobrine 3 / The Fugu ComplexLisa Thayer, Evelyn Minecraft Machinima, NewScapePro
The Merman AlanaSIMS Machinima, WhiteBlueCherry
GhostBlade (Trailer) Ice Princess Yan Original comic, WLOP
Celestial Faith ~Elythia's Curse~ Narrator SeraSoft LTD.
Songs of WarAbbigailBlack Plasma Studios, LLC
Learn Japanese to Survive! Kanji CombatHanaSleepy Duck Educational Games
Wartide: Heroes of AtlantisSetsuna (JPN)Kongregate

Project - Fan Works

Skyrim Inconsequential NPCs Halldis, Elfrun Expansion map by Ripple & NexusMods, Ver 1.8
Wings of Rebellion Narrator A, Armin Arlert Attack on Titan AU by Ophiuca; audioplay
Attack on Kaiju Female Reporter, Mikasa AckermanAttack on TitanXPacfic Rim AU by Kira; audioplay
Hyrule Warriors: The Movie Cia Movie compilation overdub by Zelda Universe
Who We Are Mom, Shinki Ensign, Emiko Fujisaki Noragami AU by NV; audio play
Midesia Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan AU overhaul story by Jay; audio play
Who Broke It? Cia / (Self)Animated Hyrule Warriors short by Zelda Universe
Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade ElenCipher Criticals by Eecaruz


Character Demo


Location : Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

For all inquiries, please send them to: yuriastellise(dot)va@outlook.com

Alternatively, you can message me on Facebook.

Thank you!